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We write, or commission, programs written to your needs. The programs we write may be simple, self-contained utilities to capture information from users of your website, or they may be utilities that integrate with your existing software to provide additional functionality, or they may be fully fledged programs that precisely meet your needs.
    Web-based programs : These are programs that sit on a web server. They can sit internally in your office or on an external server, or a combination of both. Typically, they are full applications and the range is almost limitless, anywhere from tailored accounting needs, specific production tools, cinema seat ticket sales right through to club membership communication. Internet based programs are particularly effective where there are a large number of users, possibly in many different locations, such as customers, employees, club members. One feature of internet programming is elimination of the need to install or update software on systems that are either too expensive or not physically accessible to you. It is also useful to reduce costs where relatively inexpensive software becomes expensive due to the large number of licences required. Another great use of internet based programs is to develop software that is very peculiar to the way you run your business, allowing you to retain efficiencies, good work practices or your competitive edge.

  • Web utilities/scripts : These are quick and easy programs that usually have a single, specific purpose. Examples include getting people to vote on their preferences, allowing users to send comments to you, either directly or by attaching them to a specific page, providing a quote or giving some expert analysis (eg. asking a series of questions and providing an automated, analysed answer based on the responses).

  • Databases/Data Mining : So much data is becoming available that it is sometime difficult to see the wood for the trees. Databases and data mining provide facilities to capture all sorts of data, to allow a series of "what if" type analyses and provide a facility to identify and report on trends. Online systems are particularly adept at processing rapidly updating data (such as sales, temperature etc).

  • Facebook/Twitter programming : We can write, or commission, applications that interact with Facebook and Twitter. They allow you to interact automatically with either system, both with sending out information via the services and collecting information from users of the services for subsequent processing.

  • iPhone/Android apps : Phone apps have two functionalities: directly serving a user desire (such as games); and interfacing to a more powerful computer system elsewhere (such as a weather forecast). Where you have online (or offline) systems which you want people to be able to access from their phones, we can write, or commission, apps to provide the relevant interface.