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Over the years, clients have asked us to write a variety of programs. As some requirements are common to many clients, we have extracted a few into standard software available at low or no cost to clients.
  • WebBuilder : This is a simple, online program to build websites. It is intended for clients with little or now technical knowledge, and who need to update their websites so frequently that it becomes impractical or too costly to use web designers. It is also great for organisations or clubs who want several people to update their own parts of a website, where the people need to update the site from their own place of work.

  • WebMail : This is a combination of an online database and online emailing facilities. Typically, contacts are uploaded from existing databases, or are captured automatically when they come into contact with your organisation, to a central, secure, online database. Contacts can be selected in infinite ways (eg. by county, age, area of interest, someone designated both as a primary contact and who belongs to a target group). Physical or emails can be sent directly by WebMail in a variety of ways, without cluttering up your internal email systems.

  • sdukCart : This is a simple shopping cart facility to sell goods. For simple use, it can be fully integrated with your own website in a matter of hours. For advanced use, we have full programming control over all aspects of function, to allow almost unlimited tailoring to your needs.

  • SwimClubs : This is a free swim club management system, allowing very advanced management of swimmers, team selection and meet handling. It saves enormous administrative costs, and opens up relevant parts of the system directly to coaches, swimmers and administrators. It is free only to UK swim clubs.

  • PureCharity : This is a free online donation system for small UK charities. It handles all the donors' Gift Aid requirements automatically. It accepts online appeals and donations (through credit card, bank transfer, cheque or standing order). It also handles a good deal of the administration and Gift Aid requirements of a variety of other fundraising efforts, such as auctions and ticket sales.

  • Spam.A.Lot.Less : This is a spam filtering system for organisations that receive so much spam that conventional spam filters are not particularly useful. It works by whitelisting (pre-authorising) existing email contacts and asking any other emailers to verify themselves. For those with more conventional span needs, we also provide highly effective, low cost conventional spam and anti-virus filters through third party partners.

We also support software written by third parties, where clients need additional support from someone they can talk to and who understands their business.
  • OpenERP : ERP (Enterprise Resources Programming) is a system that integrates every part of a business through a suite of software modules, all of which interact with each other. The several hundred modules include functions such as production, marketing (contact management) and human resources. Most of the FTSE 250 companies use ERP in part or throughout their business. The costs tend to be prohibitive for small and medium sized organisations, but the efficiency and cost saving potential remains.

    OpenERP is an open source ERP system that is exploding through Europe. There are too few suppliers for the excellent systems. Software Design UK can help you identify how ERP can be used in your business, sourcing the software and designing the areas that need tailoring to your business. We then help source the changes and handle as much or as little of the implementation and you want, from simple overviewing of the process right through to hands on user support and supplier interface.