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Below are some of the IT tools we use to meet your requirements:
  • Web2.0 : This is a generic term to describe a generation of internet tools. This is what allows browsers to look and feel more like desktop applications. To get a better understanding from our Web 2.0 tutorials, click here.

  • HTML5 : This is a new collection of standards that have been accepted by the major browser developers. They provide very much greater functionality for development websites. This is useful if you want your users to get a very much better experience with video, audio, drawings, geolocation, file-handling or online editing. The counter-side to the controversy about threats to user privacy is that you will be able to get a much deeper understanding of what your users do when they look at your site.

  • Sparql : This is a standard to allow data sharing between websites. Make your updated or analysed data available for "injected" to other web sites, or use data available from other organisations within your own.

  • Cloud Computing : This technology moves programs and data storage from your desktop computer to the internet. The potential downside is loss of control, although not when you do cloud computing through Software Design UK. The upsides include ease of use, no longer having to install (cloud based) software, automated and instant updates to all users and securable access from anywhere at any time.

  • Open Source : This is a collection of free software, written in an open environment for anyone to look at and to contribute to. Its downside is it not commercial. Its upside is that it tends to be much better written, bugs are fixed very quickly, security tends to be very much better and, of course, it is free. Some open source software is not as good as commercial software in some respects that may be critical to your business. But some open source software is better, more user-friendly and better supported than commercial software, provide opportunities for huge cost savings. Say goodbye to some of those huge licence fees you have to pay for each user of a package. We are happy to discuss your uses of software and where open source software might be a better and lower cost alternative.

  • Python, Django, MySQL : These are programming languages which allow the full range of programs to be written. Low cost, quick and easy programs with single focus (eg. voting in a poll), right through to fully fledged, sophisticated programs (eg. OpenERP, Pixar Movies). Python is a script based program. Django is a program that delivers internet programs (written in Python). MySQL is one of the leading database programs, which has the additional virtue of being open sources (ie. free).

  • Javascript/JQuery : These are two pieces of software that run in a browser to add functionality. Javascript is what Google uses, for example, to put their zoomable, movable and configurable maps within a browser.

  • Web Sites : Since our internet programs are all accessed through a web browser, we can help develop websites.

  • Web Hosting : For our clients only, we provide web hosting facilities, which are capable of running online databases and programs. Hosting includes web space, emailing facilities and ftp file transfer facilities.