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We have several services and facilities to help achieve more from the web, such as web hosting and support.
  • Web Hosting : We provide basic web hosting facilities, such as hosting, email hosting and ftp access, and web services, such as domain name purchases. To find out more, contact us.

  • Web Continuity : We support use of mirror internet usage. This is a technique that duplicates every "write" instruction to a computer, to one or more other computer, usually in different parts of the world. The mirroring techniques automatically switch between computers when one is being overworked. This ensures users get the quickest responses possible. It also provides the perfect solution to catastrophic shut down of an internet server, without the user ever being aware of the problem. This applies equally to external users accessing your web facilities as to internal users accessing your internal facilities, such as databases, diaries, production information or emails.

  • Web Security : We support the process to review and protect against security risks that arise when your internet access to the outside world also gives the outside world access to your organisation's internal IT. We help identify and protect against internal risks, such as disgruntled or incompetent staff, as well as externals risks from groups, such as hackers, spammers and competitors.