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Use the internet to improve your PR and marketing efforts. Below are examples of how we can help.
  • Contact Management : For those few business that do not already have sophisticated contact managements systems, let us set them up for you. Automate capture of clients'/customers' information, retain details of all communications in one place, set up systems to help control future communication, at times that are best suited to achieving results of service levels or enhanced income.

  • Dynamic Communication : Set up systems to communicate with third parties, such as clients, customers, suppliers, referrers, financiers, employees and media agencies. Rich, high quality communications can be set up to reduce the costs of production and get them out exactly when you want them to be released.

  • Effective Web Design : Web sites are crucial to provide the right type of image. But often, the image is perfected at the expense of the web's functionality. Let us review your objectives and ensure you achieve both the right image, and the right functionality, using the latest tools available.

  • Facebook/Twitter : Businesses are having to experiment with how to make best use of social media. Let us help you understand the strengths and risks and to implement systems to deliver your business to the mass markets of today.

  • Brochures/Presentations : Let us help you ensure your business achieves a consistent image in brochures and presentations, to set up dynamic content (capable of updating itself automatically as and when events within the business happen) and to incorporate the latest technology for maximum impact.