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Use the new media the web affords businesses to strengthen your business.
  • Websites : It goes without saying how significant websites are to business. Make sure your website achieves what you want it to achieve. Let us review your objectives and your website, identify new ways to achieve the objectives and help implement changes quickly and efficiently.

  • News Feeds : News feeds are a specific web tool suitable for some business applications. We can help you make the best use of feeds to suit your business.

  • Social Media : Understand how to make best use of Facebook and Twitter. We can help you develop applications and systems that automate input to both systems as appropriate to your business.

  • Distributed Contacts : Set up a network of contacts, using social and other media, and automate high quality communication, in any direction (business to contact, vice versa, contact to contact etc). Analyse use made by contacts of facilities you make available to them, to help you understand their preferences.

  • Posters, Displays, Presentations : Use the internet to deliver dynamic, highly effective literature, at very low cost, exactly to the people you want to receive the literature, when you want them to receive it. Set up systems to populate literature and presentations with the latest information - presentations that update during a presentation can be hugely impressive.