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Organisation Streamlining
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Organisational streamlining involves using the internet to eliminate redundant costs of your business, and to maximise the speed and quality of service levels you can provide to your clients/customers.

Below are examples of the streamlining services we can provide to your business:
  • Expert Systems : Capture your experience and know-how in IT systems that can be used to help control the work-flow and work-quality of staff.

  • Accounting Systems : Get the most from the very powerful accounting systems available to businesses. Expose parts of the system to third parties (suppliers, customers, referrers, financiers etc) where it helps your business to do so. Information flows quickly and effectively, just where you want it to go.

  • Collaborative Working : Let your employees work together more effectively, through better sharing of documents, data and schedules. Let the systems provide management and employees with automated analysis of data to support their effectiveness.

  • ERP : Enterprise Resource Planning involves wrapping the entire business process into a single collection of systems that fully integrate with each other. Data becomes available instantly where it is needed. Duplication (and delay) is avoided. The enterprise becomes a fully integrated, fully controlled and vigorously competitive production/service facility. Traditionally, ERP systems are beyond the reach of all by the FTSE 500 companies. Open source software is now available to reduce cost by up to two thirds. Let us help you plan the changes to accommodate ERP, source the software and control its implementation, using our accounting and programming specialist expertise.

  • Continuity : Set up a series of web servers around the country/world, each of which writes its data to all the other servers. The servers are configured to recognise when any are down or are slow, and they automatically switch around to ensure continuous and fast response to users. This prevents customers from feeling neglected or frustrated, and allows employees to continue to work, even if during a major disaster in any of the locations.

  • Security : When you access the internet, the internet accesses you. We can help you to identify where the outside world gets unwanted access to your systems, and set up procedures to help block unwanted access. We can also help you identify internal risks, such as human error or disgruntled employees, and establish procedures to cover risks where appropriate.

  • Backup : Set up automated back up procedures to ensure all critical data is stored regularly, quickly, securely and in multiple locations outside from your offices.