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The internet presents unparalleled opportunities to expand trade. Below are a few examples of how we can help you to take advantage of the opportunities.

  • Sale of goods : Understand how best to sell your goods over the internet, to support your existing operations, or to start new ones.

  • Sale of data : Service companies were disadvantaged when the web started to explode in the late 1990s, without having goods to sell. No longer - we are developing an insatiable appetite for high quality data, such as information, analysis and images. Some data needs to be given away to attract new business; some can be sold to markets throughout the world. Let us help you identify your objectives and deliver your valuable data in the format and to the people that best suits your objectives.

  • Sale of Expertise : In IT terms, expertise is a specialist form of data. Let us help you capture your expertise in a format that allows it to be used both within your own organisation, to achieve best practice by management and staff. Why not sell it to third parties? Certain expertise is hugely valuable to the third party, which gives you great potential to gain from its use.

  • Outsourced Supervision : Set up tailored expert systems to allow remote supervise of staff, either within your organisation or outside. It might provide an entirely new income stream.

  • Shopping Carts : Use off the shelf shopping carts to sell goods, tickets and services. They can be expensive and clunky, so let us steer you safely through the minefield. For simple carts or for carts that need to be highly tailored to your particular needs, use our standard shopping cart - no fuss, easy to use, and you can get started within just a couple of hours.